The House of Mel Gibstein

In case you don’t know the entire media is run by antiChrist Jews and their gutless slaves who most likely married into Jewry. Let me say that again, our media is completely controlled by Woody Allen types, Roman Polanski’s, Bibi Netanyahu’s (Mileikowsky’s), Alan Dershowitz’s, Bill Kristol’s (Commies), Bill Maher’s, Geraldo’s etc etc etc. What are we doing about it? Do we expect to ever get the truth from these reptiles (Jesus called them vipers)? Honestly, can anything but mayhem come from this?
Somehow you’ve lost that feeling of being lied to. You are supposed to be furious, you’re supposed to be angry as hell, but you’re listening to the Jew media and not me or even you. The media needs to be gutted folks and I’m with anyone who wants to do it. The media is the key to it all and part of the same crime syndicate as everything else…

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