Prayer for Enlightenment, Wisdom, Patience & Peace.. From the timeless classic – Imitation of Christ, Thomas Kempis.


5. O Lord my God, be not BE far from me, my God, haste You to
help me,(1) for many thoughts and great fears have risen up
against me, afflicting my soul. How shall I pass through them
unhurt? how shall I break through them?

6. “I,” saiD He, “will go before You, and make the crooked
places straight.”(2) I will open the prison doors, and reveal to
You the secret places.
7. Do, Lord, as You sayest; and let all evil thoughts fly away
before Your face. This is my hope and my only comfort, to fly
unto You in all tribulation, to hope in You, to call upon You
from my heart and patiently wait for Your loving kindness.


Enlighten me, Blessed Jesus, with the brightness of Your inner
light, and cast forth all darkness from the habitation of my
heart. Restrain my many wandering thoughts, and carry away the
temptations which strive to do me hurt. Fight You mightily for
me, and drive forth the evil beasts, so call I alluring lusts,
that peace may be within Your walls and plenteousness of praise
within Your palaces,even in my pure conscience. Command You
the winds and the storms, say unto the sea, “Be still,” say unto
the stormy wind, “Hold Your peace,” so shall there be a great
Oh send forth Your light and Your truth, that they may shine
upon the earth; for I am but earth without form and void until
You give me light. Pour forth Your grace from above; water my
heart with the dew of heaven; give the waters of devotion to
water the face of the earth, and cause it to bring forth good and
perfect fruit. Lift up my mind which is oppressed with the
weight of sins, and raise my whole desire to heavenly things;
that having tasted the sweetness of the happiness which is from
above, it may take no pleasure in thinking of things of earth.
10. Draw me and deliver me from every unstable comfort of
creatures, for no created thing is able to satisfy my desire and
to give me comfort. Join me to Thyself by the inseparable bond
of love, for You alone art sufficient to him that loveth You,
and without You all things are vain toys.


Strengthen me, O God, by the grace of Your Holy Spirit. Give
me virtue to be strengthened with might in the inner man, and to
free my heart from all fruitless care and trouble, and that I be
not drawn away by various desires after any things whatsoever,
whether of little value or great, but that I may look upon all as
passing away, and myself as passing away with them; because there is no profit under the sun, and all is vanity and vexation of
spirit. Oh how wise is he that considereth thus!

Give me, O Lord, heavenly wisdom, that I may learn to seek
You above all things and to find You; to relish You above all
things and to love You; and to understand all other things, even
as they are, according to the order of Your wisdom. Grant me
prudently to avoid the flatterer, and patiently to bear with him
that opposeth me; for this is great wisdom, not to be carried
by every wind of words, nor to give ear to the wicked flattering
Siren; for thus do we go safely on in the way we have begun.


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