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In furtherance of his teaching on the need to guard against offence, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke about THE CHALLENGES FACING RELATIONSHIPS on Sunday, February 14, 2016. He gave a message which dealt with issues faced by countless people worldwide. According to the man of God, the way we handle relationships often leads to offence but we must be careful not to hold onto such offences to the detriment of our own relationship with God. The more we hold onto grudges and offences, the more we imprison ourselves. “We cannot function properly because we are holding someone hostage of unforgiveness. We carry anger, hatred, bitterness, hurt against someone – that is self-imprisonment. Many of us are victims of self-imprisonment.”

With special reference to Romans 12:19-21 which admonishes Christians against anger, vengeance and hatred, the man of God encouraged the congregation not to allow the wrongdoings of others to cut…

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