Remembering the “Brave German Woman” Heidi Mund

The Tactical Hermit

Since this woman had the courage to stand up publicly and proclaim that Jesus Christ was still the God of Germany and not “allah” consider all that has happened to validate her point that islam and the so-called “muslim refugees” are doing nothing but destroying Europe piece-by-piece by the using the age old tactic of “JIHAD BY MIGRATION”.

  • Charlie Hebdo Paris Terror Attacks in January 2015, 12 innocent people killed 
  • Paris Terror Attacks in November 2015, 130 innocent people killed
  • Rape and Sexual Assaults all across Europe have sky-rocketed 200%, the perpetrators being  muslim males, which make up over 72% of ALL the refugees that are flooding into Europe.

This is just a small rough sketch of a HUGE problem folks and one that not just concerns Europe, but the United States as well.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

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