Jesus spent 40 days in the Desert. I only spent 21, but here’s what began to happen; - by F. Kaskais

by dominicus

I was in the woods, on 5 acres bordering several National forests, Northern Wisconsin was the place.

It was an old, dusty, spider and spider web filled mini-camper, just enough for one person to sleep in with a small cook stove and sleeping bag. No phone, computer, radio, TV, just a handful of books and quest to reach deep down within myself, to find myself, God, Nature ….whatever may be. I was dropped off and left there, not to see another soul for another 3 weeks.

By day 2, the ego/mind was going crazy lacking the constant stimulation from smart phones, TV’s, roommates, work/co-workers, society, etc. Yet I was aware of the “going crazy.” I tempered this w/ meditation near the camp fire.

The first couple of nights, there was fear in the pitch black night due to the visiting critters, the fact that the camper was used…

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