I AM. 365 Names of God


Lion and Lamb 3 Image

I Am Who I Am
I Am The God Who Shows Wonders
I Am The Lord And My Voice Is Powerful And Full Of Majesty
I Am God – Nothing Is Too Hard For Me
I Am God Who Made All My Wonderful Works To Be Remembered
I Am God And My Glory Thunders
I Am The Spirit Of Knowledge And Understanding …
I Am The Holy Spirit That Moved Upon The Deep
I Am Worthy Of Worship, Glorious And Incomparable
I Am God Who Makes Himself Known Through Visions
I Am Dynamis Power
I Am The Giver Of All Revelation
I Am Glorious And Full Of Weighty Splendour
I Am He – That Ascended To The Father
I Am The Triune God Of Israel
I Am God Who Performs Signs
I Am God Who Speaks In Night Seasons

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