YIELDEDNESS and THE SECRETS OF GOD by Smith Wigglesworth

by Smith Wigglesworth


The baptism of
Jesus must bring us to have a single eye to the
glory of God; everything else
is wasted time and wasted energy.
Beloved, we can reach it; it is a high mark
but we can get to it.
You ask how? “What wilt thou have me to do?” That is the
plan. It
means a perfect surrender to the call of God, and perfect

A dear young Russian came to England. He did not know
language, but learned it quickly and was very much used and
blessed of
God; and as the wonderful manifestations of the
power of God were seen, they
pressed upon him to know the
secret of his power, but he felt it was so sacred
between him
and God he should not tell it, but they pressed him so much
finally said to them: “First God called me, and His presence was
precious, that I said to God at every call I would obey Him,
and I yielded, and
yielded, and yielded, until I realized that I was
simply clothed with another
power altogether, and I realized that
God took me, tongue, thoughts and
everything, and I was not
myself but it was Christ working through me.”

many of you today have known that God has called you over
and over, and has put
His hand upon you, but you have not
yielded? How many of you have had the
breathing of His power
within you, calling you to prayer, and you have to
confess you
have failed?

If God can have His way today, the ministry of
somebody will
begin; it always begins as soon as you yield. Paul had
bringing many people to prison, but God brought Paul to such
a place of
yieldedness and brokenness that he cried out, “What
wilt thou have me to do?”
(Acts 9:6). Paul´s choice was to be
a bondservant for Jesus Christ. Beloved,
are you willing that
God shall have His way today? God said, “I will shew him
great things he must suffer for my name´s sake” (Acts 9:16). But
Paul saw
that these things were working out a far more exceeding
weight of glory. You
people who have come for a touch from God,
are you willing to follow Him; will
you obey Him?

What Wilt Thou Have Me




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