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Prophet T.B Joshua The SCOAN Saturday and Sunday services, which were watched by millions around the world, gave many hope and a new existence. God not only used Prophet T.B Joshua and the Wise Men to preach His Word but He gave being, that is life, to His Word. Here is a snippet account of what actually took place.


During The SCOAN Live Saturday Service, Prophet T.B. Joshua contributed to the faith of congregants and viewers worldwide as he gave a life-changing message on knowing the value of our situation. He said, “As a Christian, you must know the value of your trial. It is to prepare you. Trials are meant to strengthen you. But when you don’t know the value of your trial, you will complain. It was in the midst of situation that the Lord got me to the place where He could use me…

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Jesus Went to Hell, But Nobody Wants to Talk About It


Jesus Went to Hell, But Nobody Wants to Talk About It.

It was Saturday that Jesus Christ went to Hell.”

This is one phrase that Christians, whether mainline or evangelical, Catholic or Protestant, will likely not hear from the pulpit this week. And yet the story of Christ’s descent to the underworld has deep roots in tradition.

The fourth century Apostle’s Creed tells us that following his crucifixion, but before his resurrection, Jesus “descended to the dead.” The Athanasian Creed of at least a century later is more explicit, Christ “descended into hell.” Depending on context and translation Jesus either journeyed to Sheol, Hades, or Hell. But allowing for differences in language Christianity held—and technically still holds as a central tenet—the view that Jesus spent the gap between his death and resurrection “harrowing” Hell, that is journeying to the underworld to liberate the imprisoned souls of the Hebrew patriarchs…

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